Black Magic – 2 Person Mind Reading Trick

I was emailing with someone who purchased Mind Reading Exposed the other day. He was going to a friend’s birthday party and he wanted to perform an effect WITH the birthday boy. Super quick I wrote up the instructions to perform what I call “Black Magic”. Check it out below.

Everyone has to be in one room. You leave the room and everyone else has to think of an object that is in the room. When they have decided you come back in. Now your friend has to name different objects in the room at random. Then, whenever he wants he names the object they all thought of. You are able to instantly tell everyone that it was the object they decided on. So if everyone agreed on the object “apple” – your friend might say “beer, glass, plate, chair, table, ashtray, TV (which is colored black), apple”. The instant your friend says “apple” you know that it is the object they had decided on.

The trick is really simple. Your friend just has to name a black object before the object that was decided on. This is your signal that the NEXT item he names is the one everyone decided on. The great thing about it is that naming objects is the ONLY thing your friend has to do. Everyone will think there is some sort of trick… and they’ll watch for hand signals, blinking, body language and all manner of things. Sometimes they even want to blindfold people so they know it can’t be a signal.

It can be a really fun game and works great as a warm-up for the more advanced effects in the full Mind Reading Exposed ebook:

If there’s a certain type of effect you are desperate to perform, leave me a comment below and I’ll try to write about it soon!

  • Averagebum

    What if the object eveyone was thinking of was the black object, in your example, the TV?

    • Andres

      You name another black before and done. (if there is not another black one, make sure there´s at least two

  • Mikey_J

    You’d just have to make sure there are at least two black objects in the room. So if someone was thinking of the TV, you’re friend would have to touch something else colored black.

  • Roccothemindbender

    i would like to know how to seeing with the finger tips like the effect derren brown dose! my email is

  • maira

    i want to ask..
    i have given my boy friend my manstrual period blood because i want him back in my life again..
    how will it effect on him?
    or when effect will be seen on him?

    • maira

      plz any body tell me if they have any knowledge

    • anonymous

      That is the creepiest way of getting anyone back in your life. Not to mention absolutely disgusting. Wtf is wrong with you!?! That’s some serious psycho shit.

  • Adeline

    so my mom and aunt played this trick on me and my brother last night and I’m not an easy person to fool because I am very visual. This really helped a lot and I will watch for this in the next game of “Black Magic Mind Reading”.